Modulation of GPCR Signal Transduction

Holistic Concepts in GPCR Signal Transduction

Adhesion GPCRs: from Structure to Function / Physiology

GPCR Signal Transduction in Physiology and Disease

Computational Design and GPCR Therapeutics

Molecular Structure and Dynamics of GPCRs


Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Keynote Lectures by
Nobel Prize Awardees’
Brian Kobilka and
Thomas Südhof

GPCRs on the Spot:
Top-class scientists of
the GPCR field

GPCR Science Networking:
36 Talks in six Sessions,
Round Table discussions
during 4 Poster Sessions,
Industrial Exhibition

GPCR Executive
Committees Meetings:
Hearings and Reports of
the Bodies of the Consortia

Early Career
Investigators Session:
GPCR Flash Talks by ECI

GPCRs at Night:
Night Tour and Dinner
at Zoo Leipzig