• 09:00–10:15

Keynote Lecture

Adhesion-GPCR signaling in synapse formation
Thomas C. Südhof, Stanford (US)

  • 10:15–10:45


  • 10:45–12:30

Session 4 | GPCR in Physiology and Disease

Orphan GPCRs in the vascular and immune system
Nina Wettschureck, Bad Nauheim (DE)

How come that GIPR agonists and antagonists both result in weight loss?
Mette Rosenkilde, Copenhagen (DK)

Oncomodulation explained: cancer going viral
Nick Bergkamp, Amsterdam (NL)

Structural and Functional Diversity Among Agonist-Bound States of the GLP-1 Receptor
Brian Cary, Madison (US)

An orphan GPCR as a novel regulator of adipose tissue function by a non-canonical mechanism – Implication in obesity and type 2 diabetes
Julie Dam, Paris (FR)

  • 12:30–13:00

Lunch & Poster Session

  • 13:15–14:00

Poster Session and Discussion

  • 14:00–15:30

Session 4 | GPCR in Physiology and Disease

Targeting GPCRs to enhance haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Michael Freissmuth, Vienna (AT)

Targeting GPCRs to treat metabolic disease
I. Sadaf Farooqi, Cambridge (UK)

A NanoBiT/BRET-based binding assay for CRISPR-Cas9-edited FZD7 allows real-time analysis of ligand binding in the colorectal cancer model
Pawel Kozielewicz, Solna (SE)

G protein-coupled receptor 84 is an evolutionary conserved Gα15-coupled immune cell receptor
Claudia Stäubert, Leipzig (DE)

  • 15:30–16:15


  • 16:15–18:00

Session 5 | Computational Design and GPCR Therapeutics

Partial agonism in the picture
Adriaan Ijzermann, Leiden (NL)

Variation in GPCR Signaling: Implications for Physiology and Drug Discovery
M. Madan Babu, Memphis (US)

Structure-Based Computer Driven Discovery of GPCR Ligands with New Chemotypes and Functional Selectivity
Vsevolod Katritch, Los Angeles (US)

Optical control of family A GPCRs using azobenzene-derived photoswitchable ligands
Rob Leurs, Amsterdam (NL)

Caenorhabditis elegans as model organism for GPCR research
Anette Kaiser, Leipzig (DE)

  • 18:00–18:15


  • 18:15–18:45

Greetings & Poster Appetizer Session

  • 18:45–21:00

Poster Session with Drinks and Snacks – funded by Stiftung Charité