• 09:00–10:15

Session 2 | Holistic Concepts in GPCR Signal Transduction

Role of GPCRs in regulation of hormone and neurotransmitter release
Heidi Hamm, Nashville (US)

GPCR-mediated endosomal ERK signaling through G proteins: implications to disease
Roger Sunahara, San Diego (US)

New nanobodies illuminate opioid receptor signaling with subcellular precision
Miriam Stoeber, Geneva (CH)

Molecular mechanism for GPCR spatial organization at the cell surface
Gabriele Kockelkoren, Copenhagen (DK)

  • 10:15–10:30


  • 10:30–12:30

Session 2 | Holistic Concepts in GPCR Signal Transduction

Deciphering structural design principles for interaction specificity in G protein signaling
Mickey Kosloff, Haiva (IL)

Dual-activity GPCR: ACKR3 at the crossroads between chemokine and opioid peptide regulation
Andy Chevigne, Luxembourg (LU)

Lipid regulation of ligand binding to atypical chemokine receptor 3
Martin Gustavsson, Copenhagen (DK)

Unveiling of the elusive signaling pathways activated by the super conserved orphan receptors GPR27, GPR85 and GPR173
Julien Hanson, Liege (BE)

  • 12:30–13:15


  • 13:15–14:00

Poster Session and Discussion

  • 14:00–15:45

Session 3 | aGPCR: from Structure to Function

Ligands identification and Structural studies of several aGPCRs
Jin-Peng Sun, Jinan (CN)

Structural basis for adhesion GPCR interactions in development
Elena Seiradake, Oxford (UK)

Identifying Novel Ligands for ADGRG5/GPR114 with a new Ultra-large Library Screening Algorithm in Rosetta
Jens Meiler, Leipzig (DE)

A transgenic system to monitor adhesion G protein-coupled receptor dissociation
Tobias Langenhan, Leipzig (DE)

  • 15:45–16:00


  • 16:00–17:30

Session 3 | aGPCR: Physiology

In vivo investigations of adhesion GPCR function
Kelly Monk, Portland (US)

Adhesion GPCRS in oncology: emerging roles, functions and therapeutic directions
David M. Favara, Cambridge (UK)

Regulation of glucose homeostasis by Adhesion GPCRs
Doreen Thor, Leipzig (DE)

  • 17:30–22:00

Gala Dinner at Zoo Leipzig