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  • 11:30–13:00

COST ACTION Board Meeting

  • 13:00–13:30


  • 13:30–14:15

Welcome Ceremony 

  • 14:30–16:00

Session 1 | Modulations of GPCR Signal Transduction

Mu-opioid receptor induced changes in beta-arrestin2 conformations
Meritxell Canals Buj, Nottingham (UK)

Toward understanding the subcellular organization and reorganization of GPCR signaling
Mark von Zastrow, San Francisco (US)

Chemogenetic G protein-ligand pairs for causal investigation of cellular biology in vitro and in vivo
Judith Alenfelder, Bonn (DE)

Cotranslational insertion of GPCRs into nanoparticle membranes and their structural evaluation by cryo-electron microscopy in complex with G-proteins
Zoe Köck, Frankfurt (DE)

  • 16:00–16:30


  • 16:30–18:15

Session 1 | Modulations of GPCR Signal Transduction

A Simple and Obvious (in Retrospect) Method for Microscopy Imaging of G-protein Signaling
Josef Lazar, Prague (CZ)

Mechanisms of Class F receptor activation and signal specification
Gunnar Schulte, Stockholm (SE)

In vitro and in vivo regulation of β-Adrenoceptors signaling using synthetic light-regulated molecules
Xavier Rovira, Barcelona (ES)

Cis-on photoswitchable G protein-biased ligand for melatonin receptors
Amadeu Llebaria, Barcelona (ES)

β-arrestin1 and 2 exhibit distinct phosphorylation-dependent conformations when coupling to the same GPCR in living cells
Carsten Hoffmann, Jena (DE)

  • 18:15–18:45

Poster Appetizer Session

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Poster Session with Drinks and Snacks – supported by IRN